Though Facebook was initially designed to connect people together as a social medium; over the years the evolution of communication has allowed Facebook to create a huge audience.

The one thing any business enjoys is mass. Facebook offers a unique and personal opportunity for any business to break through the customer-brand relationship to see a deeper insight. Those businesses who practice this consistently correctly will benefit in more ways than just a small following.

Here’s Why

Having a digital presence allows you to reach your target audience more efficiently, using platforms your audience prefers, whether that be desktop computers or mobile phones. Mobile phone only internet users have taken such a rise, having a digital presence will allow your business to have an edge over your competition.

Facebook has 1.3 billion daily active users, which as the audience’s go, is pretty big. Though there is a notion of being a small fish in a big pond, your business has relevance. Understanding social media isn’t getting into the mind of a millennial, it’s about reaching your local audience by being relevant. Sharing engaging content, being responsive and having a personality are all fundamentals behind social media marketing.


Another fundamental in which any business can thrive off will be the ability to gain important insights to their customers. From spending habits, interest and whether they really find your content engaging. Your strategy for this should always be refreshed as change is your only constant. Relying on Facebook insights alone can build a picture of how effectively you are really targeting your customers.

Eventually, your goal should be able to attain a clear image of your customer – their age, interests, etc. From this, targeting your customer will become much more effective, and second nature.


Make no illusion, creating a solid digital platform is a slow burner. Remember, on social media profiles you are trying to be relevant, interesting and engaging to your audience – nobody wants to see their Facebook profile with your up and coming weekend deals week after week. The reward, as ever, will be there, in the form of a loyal digital audience and relationships with your customers allowing you to tailor and shape your business precisely to your customer needs.

So in short, yes your business does need to be digital. However, don’t just be digital to be digital.

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