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London Underground

The London underground, one of the largest transportation networks across the world and offering a fantastic opportunity to put your business in front of London’s finest, with such a large demographic using these services daily. This form of advertising has never been more relevant, more current and more suited for you. With 3 million passenger journeys across the network each day, this is one place you need to be noticed.

Why London Underground?

  • 3 million passenger journeys across the network each day
  • London commuters spend an average of 48 minutes a day on the tube
  • 60% on tube users recognise when a new advert appears along their regular commute/journey
  • 70% of respondents admitted to taking time to notice advertising on the underground

4 & 6 sheet Poster

4 Sheets: Perfect for product placements, these are excellent ways to get through to the customer when in an enclosed environment. This is also a brilliant way to push your creative scope and develop campaigns which can be easily recalled.

Location | Can be found in high footfall areas through the London underground network itself, it behaves more like a public notice board, generating attention.

6 Sheets: Available as standalone static adverts or part of a scrolling loop, they are perfect to captivate busy commuters.

Location | As well as being present in the London Underground network, they are also present in train stations across the country, again found in high footfall areas.

48 & 96 Sheets

48 & 96 Sheets: Located bang opposite a captive audience, waiting for their next train, these boards are unavoidable. Designed to dominate the tracks of the London Underground, they are designed to distract and engage.

Location | The most dominant boards you can find across the London Underground network, and any train station across the country. 

Tube Car Panels

They are the most ideal distraction for any commuter waiting to complete their journey. These are the adverts people gaze at, get distracted by and immerse themselves into.

Location: Located within the tube cars themselves, these panels provide a much needed source of colour and personality, especially when underground! They provide excellent coverage for the typical city commuter.

Lift & Escalator Panels

With some creative flair and a really well understood campaign, you can really transform the way a dull London Underground staircase sucks you into your journey. Be the brand to paint your personality and shout out about it when nobody else is.

Location: Dotted across every staircase, every escalator, every lift! Again, highly unavoidable to anyone whether you are a frequent user or not.

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