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Outdoor Advertising

We are adept at creating opportunities in places that they didn’t previously exist, helping clients and potential clients explore exciting new creative possibilities. The Golden Media Group knows how to put big ideas into action and make a lasting and memorable impact with your target audiences.

Our network of outdoor advertising space delivers your brands key messages to the right audience in a memorable way. We can help conceive and develop the creative or simply implement yours.

Why Outdoor?

High Impact: People spend more than 70% of their time out of their home and on the move.

Demands Attention: 40% of consumers admit to specifically visiting a store or restaurant after they saw an outdoor billboard advert.

Cost Effective: Outdoor Advertising usually delivers a better ROI than other platforms such as TV or Radio.

High Reach: Outdoor Advertising is out in the public, this offers unrivalled access to consumers who are usually more difficult to reach.

Big Impact on Path of Purchase: Location is everything. Did you know that 69% of consumers make purchasing decisions when out of their home?

It’s Engaging: Outdoor advertising is welcomed by consumers, research from APN Outdoor shows that 71% of audiences preferred buses with advertising than those without.

It’s A Team Player: Outdoor campaigns work best when completed across other platforms, serving as a reminder of your message to the consumer.

Outdoor Services

Whether static or digital, these placements offer perfect exposure for any campaign.

Research shows over 30 million people have seen advertising on the outside of a Bus in the last week.

The biggest tube network across the country boasting over 3 million people using this form of transport, on a daily basis.

Outdoor Media Process

Initial Meeting

This is where we discuss you and your business. We want to know everything, your target market, your objectives, your brand, your process and most importantly what’s your vision.


We will also research your goals, objectives and target audience including the industry you are in. We can use this to tailor your outdoor media solution.


We will take a thorough brief from you and then create an artwork design that will be in line with your objectives of the campaign.


Once your marketing campaign has commenced, we will be in touch weekly to discuss what impact this is having on your business.

Proud to Support

Meet With Our Marketing Expert

Plan your marketing strategy with a free consultation. We will meet with you for a coffee to provide a free, no-obligation marketing proposal.

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