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Social Media

Social Media is a powerful tool for brand awareness, speaking to your audience and driving traffic to your website

Our 5 Core Matters of Social Media Marketing


We want to know your business, inside and out. Absorbing and adopting your business culture is a fundamental practice for us. Getting to understand how you work allows us to work with you to put together a strategy and content that works for you. We want to work together with you to make sure we are capturing the essence of your business with a strong campaign.

Develop Brand Awareness

Growing your followers on your social media platforms allows you to increase word of mouth and referrals. Our social media marketing focuses on helping you increase your followers with the relevant people. We work hard to make sure that your followers match the demographics, interests, and behaviours of your typical customer.

Building Engagement

When you build a strong connection through engagement with your target audience, the likeliness of them buying from you increases hugely. We immerse ourselves into your business to help you increase engagement (likes, comments, etc.) on your social platforms. The more engagement you have, the stronger your connection is with your audience.

Increasing Website Exposure

Increasing your website traffic will directly influence leads and sales, it your online store. We focus our efforts on developing social media advertising campaigns that drive high volumes of traffic to your website. To increase conversions, there are a number of metrics we try and test to make sure your strategy evolves as your industry does.

Evolve & Remain Relevant

Keeping your followers engaged with relevant content can feel like a constant uphill battle. As much as we love delivered quality content, it’s important to us to know it works and your business is reaping the rewards. Once a month we run reports and scrutinize the data to know what exactly is working, and isn’t! We use this as a basis to keep your content engaging and most importantly, your business is relevant now, more than ever.

The Social Media Process

Initial Meeting

We want to know everything about you and your business. We sit down and discuss all aspects of your business, and most importantly what you want your new website to do for your business.


This is where we look at what’s out there and how it ties into your business objectives. We put together some mock designs allowing you to better visualize your website, brand and the content you wish to share.


Once you’re happy with a final design, we turn the draft into a fully optimized website. Along the way we regularly check-in with you. We want to make sure your dream website is everything you wish it to be.

Go Live

Once the website is tested and complete, we hand over and your website is ready! Depending on how complicated your website is, we also offer some training for you and your team

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Meet With Our Marketing Expert

Plan your marketing strategy with a free consultation. We will meet with you for a coffee to provide a free, no-obligation marketing proposal.

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