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Web Design & Development

Creating beautiful web pages to make your business stand out from the crowd

Deliver a fantastic website experience

Did you know that it takes half a second for users to form an opinion on your website? The term never judge a book by its cover has been flipped on its head. Why? It’s simple, we have more choice now than ever before to find what we are looking for. It’s this factor that will decipher whether you are trusted, or rejected. If your visitors don’t trust you, they don’t tend to do business with you. And this in turn can cause problems when it comes to attracting new potential customers – these are the daily problems for any web designer.

We work with you to make sure we can create and deliver a website design that reflects your business credibility by researching and keeping your business relevant.

Rise above your competition

It’s easy to fall into a trap by sticking to what we know, what we are used to seeing and how websites we are familiar with, work. Unfortunately, the internet is a very judgmental place and if your website looks similar to your competitors’ websites, you can easily be missed and forgotten about. This is absolutely the case with smaller and medium sized businesses. Though your social media platforms are there to express business character, it is important your website adopts the same user experience.

No business is the same, so no website should be the same either. We overcome these simple obstacles by creating a design that is tailored specifically to your business, and leaves a strong, positive impact on your website visitors.

Use of social media to build a base of followers

There is no point in having a fully functional website, with amazing content and images, if your design doesn’t help retain your customers. Word-of-mouth can be one of the most powerful mediums to help your business here. Building a website that is superior and delivers more than just what is expected leaves people feeling they need to remember you, and recommend your business.

Using social media to leverage this is a brilliant way to increase your entire online presence. Not only can your social media pages talk to your website, they can both be used to drive traffic to each other, increasing the number of people who can see your links. Sharing, engaging and remaining relevant is our primary focus when designing your website.

Be Responsive

With smart devices such as mobiles and tablets being more prevalent than ever before, now has never been a better time to join the movement. The dark ages, otherwise known as when your phone would shrink down a website to fit the screen have long gone. We are now in an age where websites are designed specifically to be viewed on smart phones, tablets and other non-convential devices, regardless of shape and size.

Not only does this allow your business to gain traction irrelevant of how the visitor is viewing you, this all builds towards your website traffic.

Offer a unique user-experience

This is where your competition can really take advantage. It’s wise to know where your business sits in the industry and the impact you can potentially have. Your customers are free to speak to whichever business they wish, on whichever platform they wish and this is where we look at your user experience to understand the buyer’s journey.

When designing your website, functionality plays a key role. It is important for your website to be easy to navigate through, have a good structure and an inviting layout that doesn’t overwhelm your visitor. Besides just benefiting from their business, you can experience a higher number of customers willing to interact as well as following your social media pages. Win – Win!

The Web Design Process

Initial Meeting

We want to know everything about you and your business. We sit down and discuss all aspects of your business, and most importantly what you want your new website to do for your business.


This is where we look at what’s out there and how it ties into your business objectives. We put together some mock designs allowing you to better visualize your website, brand and the content you wish to share.


Once you’re happy with a final design, we turn the draft into a fully optimized website. Along the way we regularly check-in with you. We want to make sure your dream website is everything you wish it to be.

Go Live

Once the website is tested and complete, we hand over and your website is ready! Depending on how complicated your website is, we also offer some training for you and your team

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